Enrollment for 2014 plans begins October 1, 2013
Another change from the Affordable Care Act is the process for enrollment. To sign up for a 2014 health insurance plan, you will be required to buy during a set timeframe called “open enrollment.” Unless you qualify for a special enrollment exemption, you will not be able to buy coverage outside of the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period is October 2013 to March 2014. Insurance companies that offer products outside the Marketplace may choose to have longer, or additional, open enrollment periods.
There are certain personal life events that may give you special rights to buy a plan outside of the open enrollment window including:
• Marriage or divorce
o For example, if you are covered under your spouse’s policy and you get divorced and lose your coverage
• Change in dependent eligibility status
o For example, if you are covered under your parent’s policy but lose eligibility because of your age
• Change in Medicare or Medicaid status
o For example, you were covered under Medicaid, but find a higher paying job and lose your Medicaid eligibility
• Change in your employment status or that of your spouse or dependent from either full-time to part-time, or the reverse
• Start of your spouse’s employment/eligibility for benefits
• Moving out of a plans service area

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